Terence Finch

Terence is a New York based artist, known for his contemporary figurative paintings. As a multi disciplinary artist he moves between mediums. His early portraits had critics describing his work as "Lichtenstein meets Close .....with a big punch of pop".

His works range from unknown people to historically significant individuals that have largely been forgotten. Some have incredible back stories, whilst others do not. "It is interesting to me, that with each piece I start, there is always a tenuous link or the slightest of exposure to an image, that has peaked my interest so much that I start sketching. This interest develops rapidly with my research. Through observations and sketching, the concept develops. One might say that there is a symbiotic relationship between my initial exposure, the creative process, right through to the finished product. It is not always a picture or image that sparks my interest, sometimes it might just be the color of a fabric or a piece of clothing".

Whilst his portraits, because of their crisp and perfect appearance, might look like stencil or lithograph prints,  they are in fact large paintings on canvas, using oil and acrylic paints. When one looks closer they see the texture of the oils, imperfections and thousands of dots. Each dot is painstakingly hand drawn and then filled in. Each portrait can consist of thousands of these hand drawn and hand painted dots. Terence has a new body of work coming out early 2019.

Terence was born and educated in England, where he attended St George's School, Hampshire. He studied fine art at Peter Symonds College, Winchester.